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Fertility Awareness

Fertility Egg Freezing

Are you considering trying for a baby, or have you been trying for a couple of months already? 

Fertility awareness is a method to plan a pregnancy by recognising you own unique signs of fertility in your menstrual cycle. 

Booking an appointment with Annabel can help you to recognise your fertile signs, so that you can know the best time to try to conceive each cycle.  


During your appointments she can also help to highlight conditions that may be affecting your fertility. 

During a series of 3 appointments Annabel offers private and personalised support for individuals and couples, expertise in interpreting your own unique cycle, timing of intercourse to maximise chances of conceiving, pre-conception advice and ongoing support. 


Approximately 1 in 5 couples in NZ have trouble conceiving.  For some couples it can be lack of understanding their cycle.


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