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Circadian Reset Program

Woman Sleeping

Most people have been asked at some point in life, “are you getting enough sleep?”


Though some people sleep consistently well, for others a good night’s sleep may be a distant memory. No matter where you fit on the scale of good sleep, it is important to consider both the quantity, but also the quality of your sleep. Sleep can affect how well you think, react, work, learn, interact with others, heal and restore, so it is important to everyone.


For many people, bad habits in the lead up to bedtime, are a major contributor to a restless night.

What we do in the Circadian Rest Program

It involves a series of three appointments over four weeks. 

We look at your presenting sleep problem, what interventions have been done in the past, your sleep cycle patternes, sleephygeine practices and 

Assess patient’s presenting sleep disorder, past and current interventions, sleep cycle patterns, sleep quality, sleep hygiene practices, and potential conditions using a sleep assessment questionnaire to look at what your sleep-wake issuesare and modifiable risk factors.

We get you to record your sleep duration and bedtime routine using a sleep tracker.  We also look at the timing of sleep initiation, wake frequency and total hours you have slept. 

We also offer nutritional support during the program

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