Our pharmacists are qualified vaccinators and are able to administer a number of vaccinations in the privacy of one our pharmacy consultation rooms.


Our pharmacists are able to administer the following vaccinations Tdap (Boostrix®, Whooping Cough), seasonal influenza, Meningococcal, Shingles (Zostavax® Varicella zoster). 


Whooping Cough Vaccination 

In New Zealand the Whooping Cough vaccination is called Boostrix.  It contains strains to protect you against tetanus,  diphtheria and pertussis (whooping cough), which are all life-threatening diseases caused by bacterial infections.

Boostrix is recommended, though not funded for:

  • Health care staff who work with infants less than one year of age

  • Staff working in long term care facilities

  • Early childhood education staff

  • Students in training for occupations with children

  • Household and other close contacts of infants less than one year of age

  • Adults with a medical condition who prevention of pertussis is important, e.g. those with chronic respiratory/lung disease

  • In pregnancy


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