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Stress Less Program

Stressed Man

In this modern age everyone is busy and often forgets to take care of number one. 


Stress can be brought on by many ways - being busy one of them. This is not surprising in this modern day and age and is experienced differently by each individual. Stress comes in various forms including: 

  • Work related pressures

  • Personal issues

  • Financial challenges

  • Divorce, separation or marital issues

  • Personal illness

  • Death of a loved one

  • Significant lifestyle changes such as moving house, changing jobs

Occasionally the pressure and tension builds up and can adversely affect your physical and/or emotional health. Stress can not only affect your mental clarity but also the physiological balance of chemicals in your body, leading to other health related issues including weight gain. 

Women Colleagues

During the appointment we look at the root cause of your stress, your symptoms of stress and also set goals to improve your mental well-being.

We provide you with core nutrients needed during periods of stress, provide healthy eating tips to support your nervous symptom and well-being and help to develop stress management techniques. 

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