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Workplace Flu Vaccinations


Thinking of vaccinating your team this year?


We offer a comprehensive Flu vaccination programme, that either comes to your workplace, or allows your workplace to come to us. Or both!


Flu is highly contagious, and can be serious. Anyone, even fit, healthy adults can catch the flu and spread it to others. Even mild cases can result in time off work.


Can you afford not to protect your team this winter? What can we offer you?


It’s as easy as 1-2-3


Our Pharmacists are qualified Vaccinators and we have a number of options available to suit your business needs:

1. Protect your team from the Flu We arrange everything from start to finish, ensuring the process is easy for your business. Prior to the vaccination day we will make contact with your nominated person to confirm details and time of arrival to ensure we meet your requirements

2. Vouchers for your team members to visit our Pharmacy at their convenience Vouchers are particularly handy for small teams in dispersed locations, shift workers, or if team members work remotely away from the office or are travelling on the day we visit your business. Plus, you don’t pay for the vouchers in advance, you only get invoiced for the vouchers used.

3. What will you need to provide?


• A suitable room with a table and 2 chairs for the Vaccinator and your team members being vaccinated.


• Your on-site First Aid representative on the day the Vaccinator comes to your business. If you cannot arrange for your representative to be present we can bring along our own First Aider.

We will be offering Flu vaccinations from the beginning of April.


The best time to book Flu vaccinations for your team is before the next Flu season hits.


Protection from the Flu vaccine wanes over time and strains of the Flu virus in the vaccine change every year. So even if your team have been vaccinated the year before they will need a new vaccine every year to remain fully protected.


Book now to keep your team in the best possible health!

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