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In New Zealand, Cardiovascular disease kills one person every 90 minutes. Most of us do not even know that we have cardiovascular disease, but it is predictable and in most cases it is preventable.

We offer Cardiaction — an innovative heart screening and intervention management app to make heart and artery health easy to improve and manage.

Why Should I Have a Heart and Artery Health Check?

Cardiovascular disease and stroke are the number 1 cause of death in NZ, with 1 in 20 adults diagnosed. However, cardiovascular disease is predominantly a ‘lifestyle disease’. Recent data from the World Health Organisation has shown that approximately 75% of premature cardiovascular disease is preventable, and that is why we want to help YOU.


There are significant, even lifesaving benefits, in early detection of any issues with your heart and arteries and Cardiaction has been designed to make identifying any problems and making positive lifestyle choices as easy as possible for New Zealanders.


How Does Cardiaction Work?

The fundamental component of Cardiaction involves a pulse wave analysis (PWA) test, which can determine your risk factors for heart disease and is undertaken by one of our expert screeners. This is pain-free, and non-invasive, the results are available in minutes. PWA machines are considered the global "gold standard" in non-invasive cardiovascular testing and are featured in over 1500 scientific publications as well as used in the top 20 hospitals in the USA. Now that this cutting-edge technology is readily available in New Zealand, and we on a mission to screen and help as many Kiwi’s as we can.

We have created an app called Cardiaction so that you are able to access your PWA results at any time, and it crucially allows you to track any progress in your next screening. Cardiaction will also present your individual health interventions, including exercise and nutritional guidance, helping you to follow your tailored health regime.

Simply book through our website and attend your appointment in the location which is easiest for you. After your PWA test, our friendly screener will explain your results and assess your potential risk of cardiovascular disease as well as show you how to use Cardiaction to improve your heart and artery health—all with personalised recommendations. If your results are serious we will refer you to your GP or a cardiologist, and you will be able to share your PWA results with them.

This could be the most important 20 minutes of your life

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