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Appearance Medicine

Our highly trained registered nurse Rowena offers free no obligation consultations on all treatments. 

She provides cosmetic procedures in a private consultation room. These procedures have low down time and can often be completed during a lunch break, with you returning to work with minimal swelling and redness. 

Are you looking for wrinkle reduction? 

"I want to look rested"

"I want to look less grumpy/worried/sad" 

"I want to stop my foundation settling into my facial lines and making me look older" 

Frown lines are softened without looking frozen or overdone using Botox® or Dysport®

Botox® and Dysport® are the two market leading high quality anti wrinkle products most commonly offered here in New Zealand. They work by temporarily disabling the nerves that control movement to areas of the face that contribute to wrinkles. This allows the skin to relax above the muscles and soften the wrinkle. Results typically last three to four months. No long term adverse events have resulted from the use of these products.  

Anti-wrinkle treatments are designed to smooth away wrinkles and lines of the frown area, forehead, crows feet, and lip lines. It can also be used to help prevent tension migraines, control excess under arm sweating, slim the jaw line, and prevent teeth grinding. Book in with Rowena today to discuss this further!

Are you looking to add volume and contour to your face?


" I want to look more youthful"

" I want to look less saggy" 

" I want to look rejuvenated and refreshed" 

" I want to make my face appear slimmer" 


Filler treatments help to restore lost volume to our face. As we age the fatty deposits in our face are reabsorbed by our body causing hollows, lining, and sagging. 

Skilful placement of fillers into the cheeks, lips, and lower face can have a remarkable effect in supporting the skin and underlying tissues subtly and effectively refreshing our facial features. Results last from 6 months and all our fillers are high quality hyaluronic acid gel fillers. Hyaluronic acid is a sugar that our skin naturally produces that provides hydration and plumping. We produce less of this as we age, so hyaluronic acid fillers are a wonderful way of returning this to our face. Skilled placement of fillers by a registered professional like Rowena should have subtle yet effective results.  

Dermal fillers prices start from $485/ml and Dysort from $5/unit and Botox is fropm $15/unit

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